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Kanye West’s henchman Pusha T continues to react to Drake’s new project in comparison to Ye’s

Pusha T recently liked a post on Twitter, which shared the streaming numbers for Drake‘s new studio album, Certified Lover Boy (CLB), in comparison with Kanye’s album Donda. CLB was released on September 3rd, while Donda was released on August 29th.

After CLB dropped, the first day garnered a multitude of streams, as eager fans rushed to Spotify. The second-day streams, on the other hand, could not catch up, and the numbers fell severely.

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“I predicted this. I said drake’s day 1 is gonna be huge off the element surprise then its just gonna drop. donda everyone heard in full 3 weeks before it dropped, still did these numbers and is only growing in streams. crazy!” highlighted the post in question.

Accompanying the tweet was an image by XXL magazine, which shared the exclusive number of album streams on Spotify from both artists.

DONDA and Certified Lover Boy first and second-day album streams on Spotify:

First Day: 94.5M
Second day: 102.1M

Certified Lover Boy
First Day: 153.4M
Second Day: 89.9M”

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Supporters speculated that Pusha T was celebrating the fact that Ye’s numbers could at any time surpass Drizzy’s.

Fans have also predicted that “Donda” would be snatching the #1 spot next week since there is a high chance that Drake would achieve it this week.

Ye’s album has been topping charts all over, and fans have been loving the tracks on the album, hence the rise in album streams so far.

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Pusha T and Drake have been going back and forth for years with their beef, so much so that even Kanye West got involved once. The disputes can be traced back to the early 2000s, where Pusha T dissed Lil Wayne in 2006 for stealing his style after appearing on a show in Bape Clothes.

He also released tracks that criticized Drizzy for his loyalty to Lil Wayne, and he later suggested that Drake used a ghostwriter to write his songs.

Lil Wayne is also not a King Push fan, so it made the sting of the criticism even fiercer. Drake, who was confused about the diss, told Pusha T, while doing an interview, to make it more direct next time, and that’s exactly what Pusha T did in his song, “Exodus 23:1.”

“You signed to one n*gga that signed to another n***a, that signed to 3 n***a, now that’s bad luck,” Pusha spit.

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Drizzy fired back with his track, “Tuscan Leather.”

The “In My Feelings” singer also fired back to Pusha T with “Two Birds, One Stone,” which suggested that the rapper was living a fake life. Additionally, Pusha T revealed that Drake had a son, Adonis, in the track, “The story of Adidon.”

Through music, the rappers continued to express their dislike towards each other, over and over again.

Years of bad blood between them have seemingly not been put to an end following this recent occurrence.

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