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Mark Wills – I Do (Cherish You) (Official Video) | Web cung cấp video karaoke hay nhất.

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Mark Wills - I Do (Cherish You) (Official Video)
Mark Wills – I Do (Cherish You) (Official Video)

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Music video by Mark Wills performing I Do (Cherish You). (C) 1998 Mercury Records

#Mark Wills #IDo #Vevo.

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i do

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41 thoughts on “Mark Wills – I Do (Cherish You) (Official Video) – Website cung cấp video karaoke ca liền

  1. Chrisy Thornton says:

    Thank you I will do the same to you I will always be with you side by side every day xx nothing can brack us we are just one I thank you for all your love and loyalty you are so so loveable and I love u even though I fight with you you will always give in to me cos I'm the boss haaaaaaaaaaaaa xx

  2. Becky Kaye says:

    I know I've already commented on this song many times but I can't help it it is going to be my forever all time favorite song. But Mark does such a good job with this video besides his vocals but I like how there's a different age group couples and if he didn't know otherwise you would have swore the girl at the end was his real life girlfriend or wife but it's not as far as I know. From what I've seen they don't look alike. Even though I'm not and never have been with this person in this lifetime that refers to me the meeting behind the song I still feel somehow our souls are every couple in the song including the singer and the actress at the end but this isn't the only song that happens for me. But still I know I'm taking a big risk here because this is public comments but I don't care it's what made me decide to listen to the song and when I heard it it just was my soul speaking even though I've heard it a long time ago when it was probably first released. Probably made me feel weird and something familiar back then but didn't know because none of the things had happened yet

  3. Ralph Melson says:

    I do charis you I will love you still if asking do I love you still from the death my heart I'll still tell you beautiful when your hair turns gray but a smile when you sick an wait on you hand foot an time go by the Lord comes around I'll ask him can you me two

  4. Becky Kaye says:

    I can't find it anywhere unless it's the same actress for both videos but where the girl is at the end of this video. The only one that says has the 98 degrees version once I won't listen to. I don't need to Mark does such an awesome job on this. I know it's not but I would have swore it was his now wife whom he apparently married two years before this video was really stands for when I get there they're still married. Two daughters I think and there's other things that I realize why I'm still connected to this song and the singer which is somewhat related to the person I feel these feelings for. That's about all I can say

  5. Simon Simbule says:

    I remember how much my high school girl friend, Lenny Kasanga and I loved this song. It literally became the backbone of our love. Each time we fought this song brought us together, I really miss you Lenny.. Love you forever.

  6. Becky Kaye says:

    I believe I already commented on the lyric one but even though this is an older song and I've probably seen this video at the time that's just something so familiar the moment I Saw the stained glass windows in a different couples don't know how to explain it. But unknowingly to the person I feel this way about somebody

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