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Forever, ever
Can you hear me? (Yeah)
Forever-ever, forever, forever, no

Glorious, glory, glory, glory
Glory, glory, glory, glory

It feels good to be home
And to all of you, I thank you so much for your support
For your support of me for so many years
And more importantly, for the work you continue to do
What did he want me to talk about?
Well, he said something that was a little bit dangerous
He told me I could talk about anything I wanted to
And you know, I am my son’s mother
The man I described in the introduction is being so decidedly different, my son (every time)
And what made the project extra special to me is
I got a chance to share not only what he has meant to me
But what he has meant to a generation (today’s the time)
As one writer said, we came from somewhere
Not just from the wombs of our mothers and the seeds of our fathers
But from a long line of generations who came before us

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Is the kingdom (is the kingdom)
And the power (and the power)
And the glory (and the glory)
Forever (forever)
Is the kingdom (is the kingdom)
And the power (and the power)
And the glory (and the glory)
Forever (forever)

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Forever, yeah

Forever, yeah
Forever, forever, no, no, oh, yeah
Glory, glory, glory
What did I teach him? (Glory)
And why Kanye ain’t scared?

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