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Lyrics Xaon – Zarathustra | New Today Lyrics

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Xaon – Zarathustra
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Xaon – Zarathustra
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When the time comes and slithers around the singularity of existence
Will you do it all again or finally break your chains?

Am I tied to this fate, A destiny carved in black stone
An eternal recurrence, The universe’s backbone
A metaphysical realm, Lost in translation
The beating heart of the cosmos, Immutable repetition

As I gravitate towards impeding doom
The celestial bodies shriek
Chiseled over and over by the aeons
In a spectacle of illumination

Nothing feels real
Nothing is real
There’s no room for redemption

Feel the oscillation, See the stars realign
Is this reincarnation? What is the secret of time?

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Zarathustra tell me the secrets of the universe
Zarathustra what are the pillars of the circle of life

How can I be tied to this primordial bound
Biting my own tail like a bygone snake
How can accept that I have no control over my fate

Force yourself into loneliness
Leave it all behind
Follow the Phoenix, follow the stars
Circle back to the beginning of time

An Empire decays and crumbles to the ground
All is ash and fire
We live to see the cosmic balance reset itself
We live to see the end of time

The trees are burning to the ground, The river blackens the world is lost
The fallen have awakened into the night, The earth is coming to an end
Lose yourself in the wheel of time, Wavering in the depths of space
Erupting from the eye of the heavens, The circle of life starts again 

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Xaon – Zarathustra | Lyrics
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