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verse 1: steyn
I don’t know what’s wrong with my heart
And why i only write songs in the dark
Or why i try in relationships
In the end they just all fall apart
I knew that i was wrong from the start
’cause i knew that i had fault in my stars
And was in no condition for this shit
You can see it written on all of my scars
Fuck, it’s really hard to stop where we are
Simply cause we’ve gotten this far
Seems like yesterday we were drunk taking shots in the car
Right before we got in the bar
Talkin’ about life and nights that we had with some lost loves
And exactly what it cost us
Like how i have a tendency to not trust
And no empathy whеn turning girls hearts into sawdust
But not you not us
I can tell that you cared i could see it in your еyes
Nowadays i can see it when you cry
Every time that i scream and i leave you deprived
Of affection and the connection
This relationship needs to survive
And i act like i don’t need you
But without your love i really think i would die

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hook: puffy t
They said that money is go chance me
I don’t know
It seems like that shit might be true
Said that money is go chance me
I don’t know
It seems like that shit might be true

verse 2: steyn
Maybe it’s the way i was raised
Maybe it’s the way that my dad used to yell
Baby either way i pray for a change everyday
’cause i don’t wanna put you through the hell
’cause i really hate that you’re caged like a bird
Hate that you say it’s absurd i just hate being hurt
So i give you demands never gonna give you the chance
You’re gonna have to break in me first
Lately it’s worse call me crazy
But it may be a curse take me to church
My demons are eating away at her worth
And whenever i drink i pray that it works
But even when i’m not drunk i can feel numb
Yeah, i got a lot of love but i feel none
I was shown how to love by my dad so it’s sad
’cause even if you’re the one imma still run
I can still find flaws in perfection
Yeah even when it’s not the intention
Even when it’s not what i want and we got the connection
It can all stop in second
And its not that i’m not interested
Disconnected cause my thoughts intercepted
I’m so sorry for the harm its pathetic
I hope one day that my call is accepted

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hook: puffy t
They said that money is go chance me
I don’t know
It seems like that shit might be true
Said that money is go chance me
I don’t know
It seems like that shit might be true

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