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Lyrics Amp Beatz – Only Amp | New Today Lyrics

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Amp Beatz – Only Amp
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Amp Beatz – Only Amp
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Bitch I’m drunk as fuck I’m off da henny hoe I’m lit (hoe I’m lit)
High as shit (high as shit)
Let’s get hit (let’s get hit)
Shawty wanna fuck I had to skippa call me flip
(Call me flip)
Don’t want dat bitch nah shawty ain’t legit
Coolest young nigga out da muh fuckin rich
Still keep dat sshhhh x2

Young nigga hollin fuck dat stick talk Dat stick talk dat stick talk
Iown talk no lick talk, NOPE
Sho don’t talk no brick talk NOPE
I just walk my ass down my own path
Dat fuck yo bitch talk WHOA
I just gave dat bitch some dick and now she walk dat limp walk WHOA
Now she talk dat love shit
Ima tell you now ian da nigga ya fall in love wit
Bitch I ain’t gone cuff shit
Bitch I might just dub shit
I might fuck yo cousin
No ties no strings shawty suck me so mean
She so messy so mean when I’m sexin
Beat da pussy and threaten
You claim me I’m neglecting
Fuck did you think dis was I made it clear that I don’t budge
Guess she thought she was different
Lil hoe I’m on a mission I’m ridn round tryna get it
Ain’t got time to be in feelings
My limit is never ceilings the sky’s is just a image my mind will not diminish
My grind will be replenished
This iron gone get da clicking you test my life ian kidden you try my fam ian kidden

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Nigga iown want no muh fuckin hook on my shit
(Gunshots) nigga I’m from Richmond niggas Robbin niggas killin, card crackin,, shootouts, dope fiends on every st, but ima give y’all my story cus dat won’t it, fuck a nigga you can’t tell me shit
Layed back but never bitch don’t get shit twisted BITCH

From da city where dem lil niggas killin
Big pole rocking , big body dropping
Niggas be Robbin
I was on the other side workin on my other mind
Tryna find another grind
Tryna to take my mother mind off me and my brother dying
Tryna flip some digits wit music
Yea it’s my fuckin time
Tryna see a 100 thou before da next summa time
Beatin down broad st flexin in next summers ride (2 seata)
Hangin out da window wit gold TEETH
Smokin On khalif
And all of my niggas ride wit ME
Did a family TREE
And we smokin on like hella WEED niggas hella TEED
One day I’ll be planting hella SEEDS
For erbody to EAT
Plate full as fuck my nigga I gotta vision
If you ain’t wit it you just missed yo meal ticket
Nigga ima make it my heart n soul all in it
I feel it in my mind when my body just get da jiggin
Skinny nigga FRESHHH some niggas call it JIGGYY
I’m tryna be da BEST you cannot fuck wimmie
My mind is on INVEST y’all mind is on SPENDING
I’m tryna be successful nigga fuck some diamond pendants
I know you niggas hear but you prolly can’t feel me
I know you niggas flexin nigga you gone get da real me, and Ian gone stop until a mother fucka kill me BITCH 

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Amp Beatz – Only Amp | Lyrics
Bitch I’m drunk as fuck I’m off da henny hoe I’m lit (hoe I’m lit) High as shit (high as shit) Let’s get hit (let’s get hit) Shawty wanna fuck I had to skippa call me flip (Call

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