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Creep – Radiohead (Lyrics) | Tổng hợp video học tiếng Anh qua bài hát hiệu quả nhất.

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Creep - Radiohead (Lyrics)
Creep – Radiohead (Lyrics)

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Lyrics of Creep – Radiohead.

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  1. Mon Bosonogo says:

    We may be Creeps, but we are soo Fckng Special! The one who really want to be with you will come!
    Don't be afraid to keep on dreaming, i know how hard it is to be alone.
    You will find yourself in the time of pain and don't give up!
    World need HEROES, be your own Hero 🙂

  2. April Reid says:

    My brother killed himself 5 year's ago and he left a note for me telling me if i seeked any understanding to listen to this song it best describes him well for 5 year's i haven't had the courage to listen i was extremely close to my big brother and now after hearing this i finally know a glimpse of what he was going through I will forever miss you terrance jackson love your baby sis.

  3. I think I am lost are you lost as well says:

    It's an amazing day to start the conversations, that those precious green eyes that I was not capable (for my schizofrenia) to handle, this song basically represents perfectly all those crazy teen years. If you ever read this, thank you very much Kelly. Sweetheart I know I'm a weirdo, but you never did anything bad for me.

  4. Mihachu says:

    sometimes i just feel like im gonna kill my self because i always thought that im the bad luck of our family like my dad is in the hospital because he got stroked,my uncle died because of nightmare,my grandparents died,my dog died, my birthday is coming up and this is all happening because of me sometimes i just think why am i born in this world when i just caused all of this, i dont want to live anymore…

  5. Thomas Fallon says:

    Came here after I planned to try to talk to this girl in my class I have a crush on, but didn’t cause nerves got the best of me. Oh well, guess all I can do now is try again next time I have that class, hopefully I can do it. Radiohead for sure has some better works, but I always find myself coming back to this one just cause of how relatable it is. Whenever I feel like I’m a creep, I put it on and I feel a little better.

  6. Rodrick Smith says:

    Whatever you're going through my friend, I know it's hard but you gotta keep your head up. When the going gets rough you just gotta keep moving forward. It may seem like it will never get better, but I promise it does. I've been there and I got the help I needed, and I know you can too! Go see a therapist and reach out to some long friends and family members. I wish you the best of luck and I believe in you!

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