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ALL The Rappers Nicki Minaj Calls Out In 'Barbie Dreams' – Lyrics new.

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ALL The Rappers Nicki Minaj Calls Out In 'Barbie Dreams' | See Lyrics free.

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We’re breaking down ALL the rappers Nicki Minaj calls out on her new track “Barbie Dreams”.

Nicki isn’t just spilling the tea on this one — she’s throwing it across the room while it’s boiling hot.

The moment Nicki dropped her ‘Queen’ album a week early, fans JUMPED on the chance to hear every track, but one in particular has EVERYONE talking: “Barbie Dreams”. Don’t let the song’s innocent-sounding name fool you — this is one of the most savage diss tracks we’ve ever heard, and Twitter is OBSESSED.

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First, Nicki completely drags her ex Meek Mill in the song, who she dated for years before the couple finally split in January 2017. While Nicki didn’t reveal too much about the breakup back then, she did NOT hold back when it came to dissing Meek on “Barbie Dreams”. In one part of the song she raps QUOTE, “Meek still be in my DMs I be havin to duck em, I used to pray for times like this…face a** when I f*ck em”.

Of course, Nicki didn’t just drag Meek on the track. She also calls out DJ Khaled and Young Thug, and she was not afraid to name names and get personal. At one point she raps, “Use to f*ck with young thug, I ain’t addressing the sh*t. Caught em in my dressing room stealing dresses and sh*t.” Um, what? If Nicki’s not gonna elaborate on that further we really hope Young Thug does, because that’s not a detail we can just skip over.

As for DJ Khaled, Nicki called out a certain comment the DJ made about his marriage, and once you hear the lyric you can guess what we’re talking about. Nicki raps QUOTE, “I had to cancel DJ Khaled, we ain’t speaking / Ain’t no fat n***a telling me what he ain’t eating.”

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And she didn’t stop there. 50 Cent is also mentioned on the track as an ex-flame, as Nicki raps “I tried to f*ck 50 for a powerful hour / All the n***a wanna do is talk power for hours.”

She also called out Drake on the song, rapping QUOTE “Drake worth a hundred milli, always buying me sh*t, but I don’t know if the p*ssy wet or if he cryin & sh*T”.

Nicki’s fans were LIVING for all of the disses on the track, with one tweeting QUOTE, “Nicki dragged Dj Khaled, meek mill, young thug all in one track while bringing back that old flow. Barbie dreams is it. That’s the one. #queenradio” Another joked QUOTE, “Yoo Nicki I would freaking hate if my name was mentioned in Barbie Dreams!! Poor meek mill — keeping you in my prayers buddy & the others as well.” I dunno, I think these guys are gonna need a lot more than prayers to get over these burns. Somebody send Meek Mill some aloe vera STAT.

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Alright guys now I wanna turn it over to you — what are YOUR thoughts on Barbie Dreams and who do you think got dragged the MOST on the track? Sound off in the comments below.

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